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LabelMix - labels and barcodes designer for non-Professionals. Desgin and print great labels, barcodes in 3 simple steps


Design and print mailing address labels, CD labels, postcards, badges, signs, price tags, product labels, clothing labels, packing labels, shipping labels, stickers, tickets, cards, posters, forms & Barcodes

Everything you need for designing and printing professionally looking labels & barcodes without programming knowledge.

    LabelMix software pack
  • Design and print custom envelopes, postcards, business cards, name badges, product sheets, worker identification cards, posters, forms, tickets
  • Create CD labels, CD covers, mailing address labels, shipping labels, price marking with ease.
  • Barcode image creation and barcodes on just everything, with supports for most barcode type
  • Options with advanced database manager to manage/store data for creating labels
  • Optimized and fine-tunned for non-Professionals.
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Computer Programs designing and for managing your contacts database, creating postal mailing address labels, bar codes. All you need to know!

The best labels and barcodes geneator program for small and home business


LabelMix is simplified software with advanced facilities for designing and printing great looking labels, postal mailing address labels, CD labels, envelopes, postcards, business cards, name badges, signs, barcodes, packing labels, clothing labels, decorative labels - virtually all kinds of label or cards.

LabelMix includes advanced database manager you can use to create and manage your own database, where you can store and extract data to be used in your labels. There is no limit to the number of tables you can create and there is no limit to the amount of records you can store in the tables. You can also modify or/and delete tables as you deem fit.

Plus LabelMix can read and import data from external sources and/or contacts data from your mail programs - Outlook, Outlook Express directly to your customizable database and use for your labels. LabelMix does it all.

LabelMix - complete low-cost solution to business labeling needs for non-Professionals. Try it now!


Design and Print Unlimited Label Applications

computer program for creating labels and generating barcodes, mail covers

Specially developed for non-professionals, LabelMix is an extremely flexible software that can be used for designing labels for over 1000 different applications, including, but not limited to:


Badge labels, Bag labels, Bar code Labels, Bath and Body Product Labels, Beverage Labels, Beer Labels, Box Labels, Bottle labels


CD labels, Care Labels, Cargo Label, Container Labels, Carton Labels, Crate label, Computer labels, Caution Labels, Color Coded Labels, Cosmetics Labels, Cover-Up Labels, Chemical Warning Labels


Danger Labels, Data labels, Drum Labels, DOT Labels, Die Cut Labels, DVD/CD Labels


Electrical Labels, Envelope labels, Equipment Labels


Food Labels, Face Labels


ID Labels, Inventory Labels, Instrument Labels, Industrial Labels


Label Making, Library Labels


Mail Labels, Marking Labels, Media Labels, Medical Labels, Mail Merge Microsoft Word label


Name Badges, Nursery Labels


Paper Labels, Pharmacy Labels, Photo Labels, Pipe Labels, Pricing Labels, Product Labels, Packaging Labels, Print Labels, Patient Labels


Quality Control Labels


Rack Labels, Retail labels


Safety Labels, Shelf Labels, Storage Labels, Sign Labels, Soap Labels, Syringe Labels, Self-Adhesive Labels, Seal Labels, Sticky Labels


Warehouse Labels, Warning Labels

LabelMix can be used with database or simple texts as Label Designer, Designer for barcodes, badges, cd labels, symbols, markers, merge mail, identification cards, price tags, packing lists, envelope stickers, and many more....
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Intelligent Bar Code Label Software

Bar Code Label program with automatic generator of different products barcodes

Nearly all vendors require barcodes for faster processing, and many more require a specific barcode font. Even if your small retail business does not sell to other vendors or distributors, you can still use barcodes as in-house tool to track and manage inventory, streamline the checkout process and also to assign pricing at checkout.

Barcode systems

LabelMix supports most common types of barcode systems: EAN 8, EAN 13, UPCA, UPCE 0, CODE 39, EAN 128A, EAN 128B, EAN 128C, CODE 39 EX, CODE 93, CODE 93 EX, CODABAR, INTER_25, INDUS_25, MATRIX_25, CODE 11, MSI, POSTNET, CODE 128A, CODE128B, CODE 128C. 2D PDF417

Barcode combiner

In LabelMix barcode labels can be created separately or in conjunction with other common/useful information, e.g. product specifications, packing list, shipping pallet, employee ID badges etc.
see also: related help section

Barcode manipulations

LabelMix not only generates barcodes, but also create labels you can print as stickers. The designer tools facilitate barcode editing such as color, size and orientation as well as label features like image support and text options.

Neat and Constant

LabelMix, apart from direct printing, will save your barcodes as images rather than fonts - which helps to avoid distortion in the event of font driver corruption. In addition, all information about finished barcodes are stored as back-up in a special storage table as raw data for future use.

How to create mailing address labels with mail merge functions with support for all types of printers and paper sizes

Advanced Mail Merge Features for Mailing Address Labels

Mail Merge enables you to set up mailing labels that use the same format with information from a variety of records. Using data from a table or external database, you can print one label with different information for each record in the database or table. Directly from your database, you can automatically create mailing address labels of your business contacts on adhesive stickers or print on envelopes. Even if they numbered thousands, you will do the design only ONE time!

For example, you want to create postal mailing address stickers for thousands of envelopes with receivers' names and addresses from your contact/customer database. LabelMix to the rescue!
  • Create a new label object
  • Choose label sizes in your native unit of measurement. Three international units are supported: millimeters (mm), centimeters (cm), Inches (in).
  • Select "Label properties" to specify the label layout, distribution, bakground etc. Also choose paper size marching ISO Paper sizes and specifications. If you are used to Avery standards (US Letter sizes), then refer to Avery labels cross reference table for the marching label sizes.
  • Connect the label to your database and choose the necessary table. Close the "Label properties" form.
  • Select Text or PolyText objects and draw them on the label surface.
  • Using "Object Properties Inspector", check/tick/mark/select database to connect the objects to necessary fields.
  • Set font face, size, color, position of the objects, etc., to suit the needs of your particular project.
  • see also: related help section

Program/software for creating Business cards, Spot UV Business cards, Compliment slips, Letter heads, Flyers, Presentation Folders

ID and Business Card Design Software

LabelMix has proved to be extremely useful and time-saving tool for small business in designing professionally looking identification and business cards - with few easy mouse clicks.

Cool business cards, compliment slips, flyers, name badges, workers/students identification cards are not left out. LabelMix handles all. Even if you need thousands directly from your database or just need a few ones with simple text input. No need to refer to costly service of designers to get your business card designed. No tedious learning curves. Simply follow the 5-step designer wizard and the end result is high-end Employee ID card, Student ID card, Security ID card, Visitor ID badge or Business cards with minimal time and efforts.
  • Click create "New label"
  • Click the "Label properties" to specify settings for the label : shape, color and background settings, including Solid Color, Gradient, Image, Style, Layout, Paper size and other dimensions. Specify the number of copies to print
  • Type necessary text OR use data from your database
  • Complete your card design by dragging-dropping (select-drag-drop) onto the label surface area the necessary objects Line, Ellipse, Pencil, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Text, Barcode (optional), Image etc
  • Preview (and adjust your settings if necessary) before you print
  • Print or/and export to file as image

Create CDCD/DVD/Blu-Ray labels, sticker, cover maker, jewel case inserts free in minuites

Software to Make CD/DVD Labels & Covers

LabelMix has built-in cd sticker and cd cover creator with powerful features that helps you to easily create, customize and print labels or covers for any CD, DVD or Blu-Ray project in minutes. Easily add images, backgrounds, barcode, table, photos and text to your masterpiece, perfect for business, home or hobby. Numerous image effects, like opacity level and image mask, in combination with other settings allow you to make visually stunning effects.
Label background or image objects along with the predefined layouts simplify the disk label creation process greatly, making it possible to finish the job in simple steps. In a nutshell:
  • Start with a pre-designed template, or create your own design from scratch
  • Suppot Jewel case and DVD case inserts and booklets, MiniCD, and other media
  • Choose among a variety of disc sizes and shapes
  • Insert custom artwork, images, photos and more
  • Include and edit multi-line text laid out in a circle
  • Numerous image effects, like opacity level, image mask, etc
  • Wrap text around other objects and around label edges
  • Use Barcode generator to add barcode to label
  • Opacity control for backgrounds and images.
  • Print to a wide array of label and paper types or save as file
Use LabelMix to design and print full-blown CD covers and jackets. It is simple to use, straight to follow. see also: related help section
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labels and barcode software using database - MS Access, Excel, Word, Openoffice, Text files. Products, Contacts etc.

Advanced Database Manager

Be informed. Not many labelling software comes with advanced database management facilities. LabelMix does. To make things easy for you, we've invested all our expertise in database management into LabelMix Pro - professional edition of the software.

So, LabelMix Pro is now bundled with built-in advanced database manager, which you can use to store/manage any type of data and then use the data for your labels : Contacts, Products, Employees, Customers, Suppliers etc. Any type of database! At no additional cost!

Create as many tables as you need. Add, edit, delete records while you can also use the information in the database to produce professional-looking labels in simple steps. LabelMix database can handle up to 10,000,000 records without hassles!

That's not all. You can import data from external files into your database or export data from your database to popular office programs which you can use for other purposes, e.g. to Microsoft Excel file.

It's very simple:
  • Create your own database from the scratch
  • Create as many tables as necessary in the database
  • Add as many fields (columns) as necessary to the tables
  • Manage records in the tables
  • Connect the database to label design editor
  • Use information/data directly from the database tables to design your labels
  • see also: related help section

Data Import Facilities

  • You currently keep your data in office programs such as Microsoft Outlook Address Book, Microsoft Outlook Express Address Book, Windows Address Book (WAB) or any database and spreadsheet program including Microsoft Excel, Access, Open Office tables?
  • Then you can import them all into your new database in LabelMix. Just follow the 3-step wizard, click some OK buttons and you are done. Some examples of data you can import includes customer, product or full contacts data - contact name, telephones, fax, emails, website, city, state, country, company name, department, job title and even birthday etc.

Data Export Facilities

  • Apart from using them to create labels, Data you've saved in your database can be exported to external files and used for other purposes.
  • You can export data to files such as : Word, Excel, Plain Text, Rich Text, HTML, Comma-separated Text, Tab-separated Text, Data Interchange Format, SYLK Format

Some Advantages of using database/tables in your label design

  • 1. You enter information once in your table and save it
  • 2. Even after you have created your label, rendered it (printed or exported as file) or even deleted it, the source of the data still remains in the table and can be used for other labels now or in future
  • 3. You can have several labels sharing a common data from your table
  • 4. Your table can serve as storage facility for other information, e.g. contacts or products
  • 5. You can easily modify information in your tables once and it will be automatically reflected on all labels using data from the tables
  • 6. You can export your database/tables to external files and use the data for other purposes

Label Print Preview Facilities

Contacts Manager with Mailing list compiler and Newsletter

Whether you are creating simple sticker labels or complex barcodes, before you finally decide on printing or exporting your masterpiece, LabelMix provides you the facilities to preview your work, make adjustments if necessary.
Of course, you can print out your work without first previewing it. This is not ecommended. When you choose the Print Preview you can see how your labels will look when printed.

In Labels the preview mode you can:

  • Preview printout before printing
  • Save the label(s) to file as image, supported formats are: bmp, emf, jpg
  • Zoom, Unzoom
  • Specify number of copies to print
  • Select paper size according to ISO Paper sizes specifications or Avery® labels cross reference table
  • see also:
    related help section
    ISO Paper sizes and specifications
    If you are used to Avery standards (US Letter sizes), then for the marching label sizes, refer to Avery® labels cross reference table

Customs labels, database password, layout, uits of measurements inches, metric sytem, iso paper sizes

Flexible Customization Options

Flexibility to set your indvidual options and preferences is another strong point in favor of LabelMix. LabelMix is highly configurable. You are free to set options like fonts, unit of measurement, database connection parameters, tables view color and other program behavior.

Thus, you can perfectly adapt the software look and behavior to your taste, modifying its core parameters, colors of most elements, making things more efficient, friendly and to match your individual preferences.

Some of the options you can set include, but not limited to:
  • General layout background and color scheme
  • Label designer grid style options
  • Database protection with password
  • Database backup options
  • Table colors
  • Font face and sizes
  • Unit of measurements
  • Your local date-time format
Finally, ready-to-use solutions, detailed help documentation with examples enables you to start using LabelMix in less than 5 minutes after installation. You can Free Download and try it now!

Below is short list and summary of features available in LabelMix.
If you need full description and detailed information, then open the description tab.

20 + 1 reasons to useLabelMix

  • Optimzed for non Professionals. Easier, lighter and faster than many bloated graphic software.
  • LabelMix is everything you need for designing and printing label professionally looking labels without programming knowledge.
  • Work off-line. No Internet connection required. No monthly fees.
  • All-in-one software. Everything you need for designing and printing great looking business cards, mailing address labels, CD labels, envelopes, postcards, name badges, signs, barcodes
  • No special knowledge or expertise is required. No additional drivers or third-party application to install. Everything has been simplified for the average user.
  • Can be used by individuals, small and medium businesses.
  • Use for any number of users, from 1 to 1000, with only one database to share among them all.
  • Equipped with special support for most of the common barcode types, including EAN 8, EAN 13, UPCA, UPCE 0, CODE 39, EAN 128A, EAN 128B, EAN 128C, CODE 39 EX, CODE 93, CODE 93 EX, CODABAR, INTER_25, INDUS_25, MATRIX_25, CODE 11, MSI, POSTNET, CODE 128A, CODE128B, CODE 128C. 2D PDF417
  • You can use either simple text inputs or database tables as source of data for your Labels
  • There is no limit to the number of tables you can create and there is no limit to the amount of records you can store in the tables.
  • LabelMix is a multi-purpose software. Tables created in the program can be used to store and manage practically all types of information - over 1000 database solutions for business, office, school, and home.
  • LabelMix is not tied to any tables. Apart from creating new tables, you can also import data from external sources into the table(s) you created.
  • Your labels data are are securely stored in database and you can access and repeatedly use them even after you have exported or printed your labels.
  • Export data from your database to other office programs - Word, Excel, Html, Text, WordPad etc. OR Directly use data to design labels (including mailing address stickers, envelopes, badges) for printing.
  • Customizable options to march your individual preferences.
  • Experiment with different table colors and sizes, handle inevitable contact information changes without stress.
  • Inexpensive. 4 in 1 software being offered for the price of one.
  • Ready-to-use solutions with detailed help documentation.
  • Free technical support ensures you always have the latest version of the application running on your PC.
  • Flexible licensing - Purchase 1 license and use it for many computers. You can install the software on as many computers as you want, transferring your license to them unlimited number of times.
  • There are no limitations in relation to number of times you can run purchased programs. You buy it - it is yours forever.
Version History/Change Log/
Version Release Date Updates Log
v1.2.1.73 December, 2017 Minor updates.
  • Bugs in file I/O fixed
v1.2.1.65 November, 2017 Major updates.
  • New label format
  • Memory optimization
  • Some tweaks to storage module
v1.2.1.42 April, 2016 Major updates.
  • Multiple label design per page functions added
  • Screen view with autoswitch
  • Additional optimizations
v1.2.1.39 January, 2015 Major updates.
  • Application Initialization routine further optimized to reduce load time
  • Additional barcode type support added
  • Database clean-up and auto-repair mechanism further enhanced
  • Some additional tweaks
v1.2.1.28 November, 2014
  • Contacts Mailing Address labels can now be saved as images and also exported as pdf file
  • Database auto repair and defrag utility added
  • Some tweaks and optimizations
v1.2.1.25 June, 2014 Minor errors in data export sql statements corrected
v1.2.1.24 May, 2014 Minor updates. Label designer linker optimized for latest Windows versions
v1.2.1.22 August, 2013 Additional fonts for label designer added to the existing collection
v1.2.1.18 April, 2013 Major updates. Added Contacts Mailing Address Label Designer, Employee Badges Designer
v1.2.1.15 February, 2013 Major updates. Added Contacts Mailing Address Label Designer, Employee Badges Designer
v1.2.1.12 November, 2013 Major updates. Multi-search functions added. Loading splash screen. Some tweaks and optimizations
v1.2.1.11 November, 2013 Major updates.
  • Added customizable report templates for Data export as tables to popular office programs
  • Data export as full report to rft and htm files
  • Some minor optimizations to search mechanism.
v1.2.1.09 September, 2013 Major updates.
  • Added data import utility for spreadsheets, Excel, Access, Open Office etc
  • Added data import utility for popular database programs
  • Data Import manager bugs fixed
v1.2.1.08 May, 2013
  • Database Search Mechanism optimized
  • Added Database Password Protection Function
  • Support for PNG file added
  • Major tweaks and optimizations
v1.2.1.07 September, 2012 Major updates.
  • Database Alias detection and creation functions added
  • Loading splash screen
  • Some tweaks and optimizations
v1.2.1.04 August, 2012
  • Minor errors in data import sql commands corrected
  • Application Initialization routine further optimized to reduce load time
v1.2.1.03 August, 2012
  • Merge mailing functions and templates added
  • MyDatabase tables creation procedures further optimized
  • Some minor optimizations to search mechanism
v1.2.1.01 June, 2012 First Released.
  • From "internal use only" tool, LabelMix first realeased to the public as a shareware product from JosytalSost.

Desktop/Laptop version of LabelMix is suitable for personal, home, small and medium business. Before you decide on purchasing the software, however, we strongly recommend that you download the free trial version to be certain it meets your needs and expectations. LabelMix has been Designed for Microsoft Windows® Operating System. To start your free trial, click the Download Now! button below.

Free download and use LabelMix
6,78 mb
Minimum System Requirements
  • Intel Pentium 166 MHz or higher
  • All versions of Microsoft Windows, including 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows7 (32 or 64 bit)
  • 128 Mb RAM
  • 10 MB free hard disk space
  • SVGA or higher resolution monitor
  • Recommended screen resolution: 1024 x 768, Color depth: 256 colors
  • Mouse or other pointing device


The downloded package comes with program Installation wizard. that makes the process smooth and easy. By default LabelMix will be installed in your computer default programs folder, which is normally C:\Program Files\
The installer will automatically create the necessary folder for LabelMix under default directory. Of course, before or during installation, you will be prompted to confirm installation into the default or choose any other directory on your computer. For example, C:\My Programs. Browse to choose the necessary folder if you do not want to install LabelMix under default directory.

  • Using your file manager, open the folder where you have downloaded the installation file.
  • If the file is a zip package, uncompress it to a temporary folder and launch the setup file
  • If the file is a setup executable, launch the installation file (click on the setup.exe icon)
  • Follow the installation instructions. The installation wizard will guide you through the installation process.
In many cases, rebooting after installation is not necessary. However, the installer may update some Windows system components, which will require you to reboot at the end of the installation. In addition, if you are installing on Windows 95/98 or Windows Me, you may wish to reboot to have your PATH environment updated. All files replaced during installation are copied and saved into backup folder on your computer.
If the downloaded installation file is corrupted you should delete it from your hard drive and try to download it again. If you are still not able to install downloaded product please contact us and will assist as soon as possible.

How toUninstall

During installation, many files are transfered to your computer and certain records in your system registry are updated. De-installtion is the reverse process of installation. It entails removing the files and records affected during installation, updating the registry to previous state before installation. When un-installing, the Installation Wizard will automatically handle all necessary processes. Therefore, to un-unstall DO NOT JUST DELETE THE PROGRAM FILE(S)THE WAY YOU WOULD A NORMAL FILE.

To uninstall LabelMix from your computer, use one of the following methods:
Method I
  • From Windows desktop, choose Start/Settings/Control Panel
  • Double-click on the Add/Remove/Uninstall Programs icon. A new dialog box opens showing a list of all installed applications.
  • Select LabelMix from the list
  • Double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon
  • Follow the instructions.
Method II
  • Open the folder where LabelMix was installed. If you have installed LabelMix in programs default directory, then it should be located in C:\Program Files\LabelMix
  • Double click the uninstall.exe (unwise.exe) icon
  • Follow the instructions
Again, DO NOT JUST DELETE THE PROGRAM FILE(S) THE WAY YOU WOULD A NORMAL FILE. Use the uninstallation wizard as described above.

Purchasing LabelMix is as simple as A-B-C. Because your online shopping security and comfort is most vital to us, we have hand-picked and partnered with FastSpring, a reputable e-commerce services company that specializes in Secure Order Processing, in whom we have absolute confidence.


When you click the Buy Now button, you will be taken to our Secure Payment Gateway to finalize your order. FastSpring will handle all the billing and payment processing.
  • Our Online ordering process is 100% secure and safe. All data exchange during payment process goes through Secure Socket Layer(SSL) encryption. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption is used for every transaction in order to ensure that your online order and payment information is secure.
  • Software License activation/Registration takes less than 5 minutes after payment. A license key lasts indefinitely.
  • You can pay with Major Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, Eurocard, Diner's Club. Debit cards: Maestro/Solo (UK), Online wire transfers, Giropay (Germany), iDEAL (Netherlands), IPS (China), Wire (bank)transfers, PayPal, WebMoney, Checks, Money orders, Cash, Purchase orders, Direct debit, Invoice
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Phone, Fax, Postal or EmailOrder

Once again, we would like to re-assure you that the online ordering process is 100% secure. Orders placed online are processed more quickly than those submitted by fax or email. However, if you encounter any problem ordering online or you simply prefer to place your order by fax, e-mail, or phone, please use the information below.

  • Exact name of the software (LabelMix by Josytal) and, if known, the product ID
  • The quantity you wish to order
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Bottoms Lines
  • All quoted prices are gross and final, including all taxes. With us you DO NOT need to pay for software license back-up services, Registration Protection Service, Backup CD, Extended Download, license look-up service, license retrieval nor any of those rip-offs. No hidden costs, no handling charges, no extra additions mid-way or at checkout. We strictly adhere to what-you-see-is-what-you-pay policy
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  • LabelMix is offered as digital downloadable product with Activation key. You will be able to download and use the product immediately after purchase. As additional option, you can also order for the CD (CD-Rom) version of the product to be shipped to your address
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If you feel using desktop/laptop/off-line software to manage your contacts is no longer efficient, then we have a solution for you. The web-based (online) version of Contact Manager may be exactly what you need. You can use the software Hosted on our server or Install it on your server.

Contact ManagerWeb-based (online) version
  • Web-based/online software works on any platform with a web browser and internet connection. Mac, Windows, Linux are all supported.
  • You do not have to install any CDs, download any software, or worry about upgrades.
  • You no longer need to worry about hardware, networking or maintaining physical systems.
  • Accessibility from Desktop, Laptop or SmartPhone from anywhere, anytime
  • All your data is centralized and accessible over the web from any computer at any time. You can work from home, work, or on the road.
  • When you use web-based software your office is everywhere : At work, at home, a hotel, at a client's office, even on your mobile phone. Your data is accessible anywhere with internet access.
  • No data duplication/copying on several computers for differrent users. Just create an account for each user or give them single password/login to access a single account vis the web
  • You can collect Contacts(visitors) Data and have them posted straight into your database from your Website (via web forms). Less typeing - less erros
  • Your data can be automatically backed up daily, using Cron Jobs
  • Software products can be updated automatically via our server without you even noticing it.
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Minimum system requirements

You do not need to buy expensive hardware to use LabelMix. LabelMix is fine-tuned, optimized and will perform relatively well on most computers No additional drivers to install or upgrade. If and where required, LabelMix installation module will do everything necessary on the fly

Interface with customizable options

Most of the features in LabelMix are customizable. You can perfectly adapt the software look and behavior to your taste, modifying its alarm sounds, the look, colors of most elements, pop-up reminder windows to match your individual preferences.

Free program updates/ technical support

Frequent updates and our SLA policy ensure you always have the most current release of purchased product. Ready-to-use solutions with detailed help documentation enables you to start using LabelMix in less than 5 minutes after installation


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