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A Rectangle object is a member of Shape objects group. To insert Rectangle object:
1. Select the appropriate menu item.
2. Click in the design area where you want to insert the shape.
3. Use the Shape Properties in the Object Properties Editor
Label's Rectangle Object

The Object Properties Inspector displays properties specific to Shape objects:
Top Coordinate x from the object insertion point
Left Coordinate y from the object insertion point
Color Text font color.  Click on the Color bar to change.
Print Check (mark, tick) the box if you want to print the content of the object in the final label design printout.
Background Fills the background of the object with selected color. Transparent property must be unchecked for the background color property to take effect. By default, the background color is white. Click on the Color bar to change to necessary color.
Transparent Must be unchecked to make the object's background color affective.
Width Width of the object
Height Height of the object
Radio Check this property to get a rectangle with rounded corners. Specify the radius value to reflect the the radius of the arc (curve) for the rectangle corners.
Ellipse To draw an ellipse inscribed in the rectangle, activate this box. If the width and height are equal, this will be a circle.
Locked To disable selection property of the object. To select a transparent rectangle, click on the edge otherwise click on the rectangle. See also: Locked properties
Pen Width Thickness of the line used for the borders.