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After you have finished your label design job, setup the layout and defined printjob parameters (Label Properties), you are now ready to preview or print out the final result.
  • Select File|Print Preview... to preview printout before printing or/and save the labels to file
  • Select File|Print... to print your design without a preview
When you choose the Print Preview you can see how your labels will look when printed.
Save, Preview, Print Labels

Many paper stocks have printable area outside the printable area of most printers. The unprintable area is usually 0.25-0.50 inches (6.35-12.7 mm) or more around the edge of the page on all sides.
See also: ISO Paper sizes and specifications, AveryŽ labels cross reference table

If the edges of your design are cut off when printed, move the objects in your design further from the edge.

It is recommended that you print a single page draft of your design the first time you print. Do this on regular paper and verify that the alignment is correct to avoid wasting expensive specialty stock.
If your printout is not aligned correctly on the printout, then you can modify the Layout of your label design

Additionally, you can save(export) your labels as image to files, supported formats are: bmp, emf, jpg

Rendering your label : Print Preview
Preview and Print labels

Label Print preview sample

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