LabelMix Label Designer with Database manager. Designer for barcodes, badges, cd labels, symbols, markers, merge mail, identification cards, price tags, packing lists, envelope stickers, and many more....Run-time Screenshots
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1 LabelMix Main Application window - multiple screenshots layers

screenshot: LabelMix Main Application window

2 LabelMix can be used to create business cards, products labels using barcode with products data. These are only few of the possibilties.

screenshot: business card designer screenshot: barcode with products data

3 LabelMix as CD, DVD cover label designer. Circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, eclipses, polygons, hexagons and many more - are all supported

screenshot: CD cover designer

4 LabelMix is highly customizable with settings for labels layouts and labels printing. Adjustment and provisions for all types of paper formats

screnshot: setting layouts and printing labels

5 LabelMix Pro comes with advanced database manager, which you can use to store/manage any type of data and then use them for your labels : Contacts, Products, Employees, Customers, Suppliers etc. Any type of database! At no additional cost!

screenshot: using database data for labels screenshot: LabelMix database manager

6 To make things easy for you, we've invested all our expertise in database management into LabelMix Pro. Create as many tables as you need. Add, edit, delete records. LabelMix database can handle up to 10,000,000 records without hassles!

screenshot: Advanced database manager

7 Link your database to label designer. Use data from your database to create your labels. You can also type in texts (as an option) without using data from database. Example below is for creating Employee ID cards/badges from database

screenshot: creating Employee ID cards/badges from database

8 Print Preview of the created Employee ID cards/badges above

scrennshot: print preview of label as badges

9 Next 3 screenshots demonstrate Example of creating Mailing Address Labels for envelopes from customer database.

Create and manage database to store information

Link database to Label designermailing address labels made easy

10 Print preview of created Mailing Address Labels for envelopes from customer database. see above

screenshot : contact mailing address list lebel preview

11 Print preview of some Barcodes created with LabelMix.

screenshot: barcodes preview and print

12 Print preview of some CD/DVD covers created with LabelMix.

screenshot: advanced print preview features

13 LabelMix comes with tons of customization options and settings : layout, database password, backup folder, fonts, colors, date-time format, measurement units, paper sizes etc.

LabelMix : set options and preferences

More screenshots, product full description and fetures available on the program's home page