Label Mix HomePage Saving your Label Design

Saving your label designWhen you create a new label design a unique default name such as New Label01 is assigned to it and saved in the table as a record. You can give the label a real name by clicking Edit button below the table, and then entering the name of your choice.

As you modify the label all associated actions are temporarily stored in memory until you save the changes. To commit the changes:
By default, all data relating to the label, including its objects' properties, layout and other characteristics will be saved in the table under the label's name.

You can also save the label design as raw data file on your local disk.
* File|Save As... action saves label's raw data as Label Mix file with extension *.lbm
Only Label Mix can open and correctly manipulate files with extension *.lbm

After saving the label, you have the option of either deleting it from the table or leaving it as backup copy.
See also: Opening an existing label design