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When you create a new label design, it inherits certain system default properties, including size, layout etc. In most cases the default properties will not march your preferences.  You may need to specify properties of the label such as layout, size, paper size, background properties, printing options and, if the label will use data from your database, select the table to be used as source of the data etc.

If you have created other labels earlier and have added the layout properties as (templates) to the Label Stock List, then you can select a layout (template) from the list and assign it to the new Label. If you can not find the exact layout you need or you want to slightly modify any of the existing ones, then you should select the closest one on the list and then edit it as needed.

Alternatively, using the Label Properties, you can also create an entirely new layout (template) for the new label and then add it to the Label Stock List as described below.
Label properties menu item

Adding new Label layout (template) to the list
To add new layout to the list, do the following:
1. Label Stock List stores only label paper types, label size, layout and NOT all the label's properties.
2. When you click the Add button, a new layout is automatically inserted with the layout parameters of the current label. You only need to give the layout any name of your choice.
3. Although hardly necessary, within the Label Stock List page you can modify the newly added layout parameters.

Assigning layout to a new label
To assign layout to newly created label, do the following:
The selected layout properties is now assigned to the new label.

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