Label Mix HomePage Creating a New Label

Be sure you have set the necessary designer unit of measurements (mm., cm. or inches) before you proceed.

To create a new label design do the following:
1. From the menu bar select Labels | New
A new label design with default name New Label01 will be created. Later on you can give the label a real name by clicking Edit.

2. Set the initial properties of the Label by selecting and clicking Label Properties. A form will come up. In the Label Properties tabs, set the label's layout, size, paper size, background, printing options and, if the label will use data from your database, then check Database box and select the necessary table from the database.

3. You may add the new label layout to Label Stock List for future use.

4. Once your design is created and you have defined the label properties, you can embark on modifying it by adding objects, changing colors, alignment, backgrounds, effects, etc.
Label properties menu item