Label Mix HomePage Setting options (preferences), Customizing user's interface

Options and Preferences menu itemLabel Mix provides a wide range of customization options. You can customize the  the designer editor behavior, the way and manner labels, data, tables are displayed, color scheme for the tables, set other program options that are close to your individual preferences (colors, fonts, size, position, data backup, password etc.),  select fonts and colors for various elements of the user interface, show or hide some elements, or change their positioning. Customization functions are accessible in a special form accessible through Options menu items.

Open the necessary tab in the "Options and Settings" page and set necessary options. Options and preferences are grouped into the following:
1. System
2. Additional
3. Label Designer
4. Database
5. Tables

System and Layout settings for Label Mix
General System Settings
Option name
Default Value
Symbol of default currency to use
Dollars (US dollars) Name of default currency to use
7 (1 million)
Number of whole numbers
Number of decimal places after whole numbers
Time Format
Date format Specifies date format you want to use by default (if different from your system's value)
Main color scheme (blue, silver, black) silver Set general color scheme for user's interface and forms.
Tips and Hint
1. show/hide
2. background color
3. Hint Pause
4. Hint Hide Pause
1. Show
2. Cream
3. 500ms. (1/2sec.)
4. 10000ms. (10sec.)
1. Shows/hides pop-up (fly-over) with help tips and hints whenever you pass your mouse cursor over any of the program's elements (buttons, icons, panels, etc.)
2. Set hint pop-up background color. Must contrast with black, e.g. white, yellow etc
3. Time interval that passes before the help hint pop-up appears.
4. Time interval hint pop-up will stay visible before disappearing.

Additional layout settings for Label Mix
Additional Settings
Option name
Default Value
1. Show/Hide
2. Background color
3. Position
1. Show
2. Button Face
3. Top
1. Shows/hides toolbar. Toolbar - contains set of button icons used for accessing available functions of the program.
2. Set background color for toolbar
3. Position of toolbar
Outlook bar (or sidebar)
1. Show/Hide
2. Show Icons
3. Collapse
4. Font size
1. Show
2. Checked(Show)
3. Checked(Yes)
4. 8pt.
1. Shows/hides sidebar. A column of panels with icons, always located on the left of the main window, used for navigating between program's sections
2. Shows/hides sidebar icons
3. Minimize the size of sidebar to a single row of icons
4. Sidebar text font size (in points)
Status bar
1. Background color
2. Height
1. Button face
2. 19pt.
1. Set background color for status bar. A row of panels, located at the bottom of the main window, that display information (hints, tips etc) about the program as it runs. 
2. Status bar height (in points)
Area Splitter
1. Color
2. Thickness
1. Sky Blue
2. 8pt.
1. Splitter color. Splitter -  special line located between two adjacent areas, panels (controls) to allow you to resize the controls by clicking and dragging the Splitter. Splitter may be horizontally or vertically positioned.
2. Splitter thickness (height - if horizontal,  width - if vertical)
Standard buttons
1. Background color
2. Text font color
3. Text font size
1. Button face
2. Navy blue
3. 8pt.
1. Common background color for all buttons
2. Common text font color for all buttons and panels
3. Common size for the font (in points) for all buttons and panels

Label Designer

Options and Preference settings for Label Designer
Label Designer Editor Options and Preferences
Option name
Default Value
Font Properties
1. Font Face
2. Height
3. Color
1. First on the list
2. 10pt.
3. Black
1. Names of the fonts available on your system.
2. Font height
3. Color of the font (click the color bar to change it)
mm (millimeters); cm (centimeters); in (inches) mm (millimeters) Unit of measurement to use for label designer, rulers, scaling etc.
Editor Grid
1. Show Grid*
2. Grid Line Color
3. Cell Width
4. Cell Height
5. Snap to Grid
1. Yes (checked)
2. Grey
3. 4pt.
4. 4pt.
5. No (unchecked)
1. Draw grid lines to replace Label's plain background Grid lines make objects alignment and positioning easier.
2. Color of the grid lines.
3. With of the grid cell.
4. Height of the grid cell.
5. When checked, insertion or re-positioning of objects conforms(clips) to the grid points/lines.
Grid Lines Style
1. Solid Lines
2. Dots
1. Solid Lines 1. Draw grid with solid lines.
2. Draw grid with dots.
Show Rulers
1. Show Rulers 1. Yes (checked) 1. Show designer editor horizontal and vertical rulers. Size of the object and its position will be displayed on rulers' scales. Rulers make objects re-sizing, alignment and positioning easier.
1. Selected Style
2. Selected Color
3. Show Reference Lines
1. Solid rectangle.
2. Red.
3. Yes (checked)
1. Style of the thin border line displayed around an object when it is selected.
2. Color of the thin border line displayed around an object when it is selected.
3. Draw coordinates lines of the object in reference to other objects on the label
* Grid - series of equally spaced points or lines drawn horizontally and vertically across the label's background.


Setting Database Properties, backup, security, authorization
Database backup and security
Option name
Default Value
Backup database
1. Create backup copy on exit from program
2. Ask me before creation
1. Checked(Yes)
2. Checked(Yes)
1. A backup copy of database is created each time you exit from Label Mix. Check "Do not create backup copy", if you do not want backup copy to be created
2. When checked, a confirmation dialog box will show for you to confirm data backup creation on exit from program
1. Original
2. Backup copy
1. C:\Program Location\Label Mix\database
2. C:\Program Location\Label Mix\databasebak
1. Specifies the folder (or directory) where the original database is located on your system
2. Specifies the folder (or directory) where the backup copy will be located on your system
1. Free access
2. Prompt for password
3. Password
1. Checked(Yes)
2. UnChecked(No)
3. Empty
1. Free access to database. Will not prompt you to enter password when the program starts. This means anybody using your system will have access to the database, will be able to view, modify or delete your records in the database. If you share your system with other users, it is recommended that you set password, so that only you or others authorized by you can have access to the database.
2. If checked, you will have to enter password before the program can load database. If you enter wrong or empty password program will load, but the database will not. Access to program customization page will also be denied. In other words, if you set "Prompt for password " and you enter a wrong password on program start-up, then database will not be loaded and you will not have access to all the configuration tools discussed in this section.
3. You may enter password in the box. Not less than 6 characters.
Special Notes:
Label Mix Standard edition does not support use of database/tables, only Label Mix Professional edition does. see details here


Setting options for table view, manipulating table
Tables (records display properties)

Option name
Default Value
1. Graphic Field
2. Memo Field
3. Title Height
4. Title Gradient
5. Row Height
6. Word Wrap
7. Background color
8. Text font color
9. Text font size
10. Active cell color
11. Column title background color
12. Column title text font color
13. Column title text font size
1. Full (yes).
2. Yes
3. 25pt.
4. No.
5. 70pt.
6. Yes.
7. White
8. Black
9. 8pt.
10. Money green
11. Button face
12. Black
13. 8pt.
1. imgs/Picture (if exists in the record data) may be or not displayed for the record in the table. Possible values*
2. Memo (if exists in the record data) will be displayed for the record in the table**
3. Height of the table title.
4. If you want to use gradient color for the title background
5. Height of the table rows
6. Display content as multi-line text if characters count is more than column width. If wrap is No (unchecked), ellipsis will be displayed when text doesn't fit width of column
7. Common background color for all tables
8. Common text font color for all tables
9. Common size for the font (in points) for all tables
10. Background color of the selected cell.
11. Background color of the column title.
12. Text font color for column title.
13. Font size (in points) for all tables' column title.

see also: Using and Customizing Tables. How to...

Full - display value of graphic (blob) field for the records in the table. Image will keep original constraint ratio.
Symbol - display a small symbol icon to represent the value of graphic (blob) field for the records in the table.
None - do not display value of graphic (blob) field for the records in the table.

Full - display value of memo field as multi-line text for the records in the table.
Symbol - display a small symbol icon to represent the value of memo field for the records in the table.
None - do not display value of graphic (blob) field for the records in the table.

Label Mix table has many other customizable options not reflected in the options and settings form for this version of the software. The excluded table properties include: