Label Mix HomePage Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What type of Labels can I create with Label Mix ?
A: Label Mix is simplified software for designing and printing great looking business cards, mailing address labels, CD labels, envelopes, postcards, name badges, signs, barcodes - virtually all kinds of label or card. 
Label Mix is also low-cost solution for labeling, ticket and form printing, barcode image creation on just everything. Label Mix supports most of the common barcode types, including EAN 8, EAN 13, UPCA, UPCE 0, CODE 39, EAN 128A, EAN 128B, EAN 128C, CODE 39 EX, CODE 93, CODE 93 EX, CODABAR, INTER-25, INDUS-25, MATRIX-25, CODE 11, MSI, POSTNET, CODE 128A, CODE128B, CODE 128C. 2D PDF417. You can use either simple text inputs or database tables as source of data for your Labels.

Q: Can I use the tables I've created in the program for other purposes ?
A: Yes. Label Mix is a multi-purpose software. Tables created in "My Database" section of the program can be used to store and manage practically all types of information - over 1000 database solutions for business, office, school, and home.
There is no limit to the number of tables you can create and there is no limit to the amount of records you can store in the tables. You can also modify or/and delete tables as you deem fit.

Q: Can I import tables or data from other programs into the database ?
A: Yes. Label Mix is extremely flexible when it comes to database. The software is not tied to any tables. Apart from creating new tables, you can also import data from external sources into the table(s) you created. For example, you can import your contact data from Outlook Express mail program, Excel or Access tables etc.

Q: What graphic formats does your program support ?
A: Image object in Label Mix supports the following graphic formats: bmp, jpeg, gif, wmf, ico, emf and png. To use a graphic file in an unsupported format, you must first convert the file to one of the supported formats. The easiest way to do this is to convert the graphic to a bitmap (BMP). Most graphics editors and desktop publishing programs allow you to save a graphic as a bitmap (BMP). 

Q: I have my label designed. Can I print on a paper with layout (size) different from one I originally designed it for or do I have to re-create my entire design ?
A:  No. You don't need to re-create your entire label design. You can switch to new layout for the label either by modifying the layout properties of your current design or by selecting/using an appropriate layout from the stock of labels. Either way, you will need to save the new layout properties. If the size of the design is smaller in the new layout you can re-position some objects so they fit.

Q: After purchasing your software, do I need to pay for technical support or upgrades to new versions ?
A: Each licensed user is entitled to one year of free technical support and program updates from the registration date. One year of technical support includes free technical support on solutions to problems you may encounter while using the software and free software updates and fixes.

After the one year of free technical support and program updates:
- You continue to use the  software for unlimited period of time, but  no longer be entitled to free software updates and fixes.
- You may at any time choose to renew your technical support subscription, which will entitle you to new full year of upgrades and support.

Whether you extend
your technical support subscription or not, your license key remains valid and you continue to use the software for indefinite period of time. Your license key does not expire. It's yours forever.