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A CompundText (or Composite text) object is similar to Text object, except there is prefix (before) and suffix (after) as options after the Text. The prefix and suffix can be seen as constants while the text varies according to input. CompundText object can be used to display text information in several ways. CompundText object can simply displays text or can be used as counters, to display incrementing numbers, and can be linked to a database so the text is pulled from a database field.

To insert a text object perform the following steps:
Label's Compound Text Object Compund Text example

Using the Object Properties Inspector, CompundText can be formatted: font face, size, color,  alignment, transparency etc. Other CompundText object properties that can be modified are:
Top Coordinate x from the object insertion point in the current unit of measurement. 
Left Coordinate y from the object insertion point in the current unit unit of measurement. 
Color Text font color.  Click on the Color bar to change.
Print Check (mark, tick) the box if you want to print the content of the object in the final label design printout.
Background Fills the background of the object with selected color. Transparent property must be unchecked for the background color property to take effect. By default, the background color is white. Click on the Color bar to change to necessary color.
Transparent Must be unchecked to make the object's background color affective.
FieldName Text objects can be used as counters, to display incrementing numbers, and can be linked to a database so the text content is pulled from a database field.
FieldName property is the name of the field from database table or from counter, we want to bind the text object to. Database must be checked (tick, mark) in order to use FieldName.
Database Check (tick, mark) in order to link the object to a database table
Font height Height of text font
Font Name of font face. Font can be selected from the drop-down list.  
Inner margin Distance between the text characters.  
Bold To draw text with bold font. 
Underline To draw text with underline font. 
Italic To draw text with italic font.  
Text Simple text characters. If the object is linked to a database table, then this is filled with data from the selected table FieldName. Also the text characters automatically  changes to the assigned FieldName.
DisplayFormat Special property of text object that can be additionally used when the object is linked to a field from the database. You can apply a  DisplayFormat to indicate how you want the text displayed. For example, when displaying prices, dates, etc.
see also:
Special Text DisplayFormats
Text Object property: align text The point from which to draw the text, there are nine possible positions. This point is indicated with the coordinates X1 and Y1 (i.e. Top and Left). Text Object property: AlignText example
Angle Angle of inclination. Can be selected from drop-down list of values: 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees.
Gap X Separation in the horizontal direction of shadowing.
Gap Y Separation in the vertical direction of shadowing.
Shadow Check to have the text to appear shadowed.
Shadow Color  Color used to draw the shadow.  
Show Border Check to draw a frame around the text. See border property
Border Color Color used to draw the border. Uncheck the Transparent property, the border will be filled with the selected background color. 
Border Radius If you want to draw the border with rounded corners, indicate a value greater than zero.
Pen Width Thickness of the line used for the border.
Padding X Horizontal separation applied to the left and right of the text border.
Padding Y Vertical separation applied above and below the text border.