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Web-based Applications

Web-based applicattions for small business : contact manager, planner, mailing list, webforms, address labels, export vCards with pictures

Web-based (online) software package for businessFadOffice

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FadOffice is web-based (online) solutions, including basic customer relationship management (CRM), for small and medium business. FadOffice software package consists of 6 inter-connected applications sharing a common database for personal or team work:

Online Contact Manager for personal and business


Contact Manager

is the back bone of the system. It helps you connect and stay in touch with personal and/or business contacts, track and manage data with ease. Online, accessible to you and your team from anywhere, anytime. Excellent search functions, unlimited categories, secure, robust, fast and flexible database powerful enough to handle up to 10 million contact records. learn more
Web-based planner, calendar, reminder


Task & Schedule Planner

simplified task & time tracker aimed at individuals who need to track time and daily schedules, but find existing software solutions overly complex or too lightweight. Helps you to plan and monitor your schedules, set and assign tasks to members of your team, receive email reminders etc. learn more
Manage your business contacts in secure database


Company List Manager

also handles contacts, but business entities with higher level of flexibility for data management. Now you can create unlimited number of categories under which to store your business partners' data, automatically link a company to all contacts working in the same company, send cost-free newsletters and many more. learn more
Mailing list manager, send emails, newsletters to your contacts


Batch E-Mailer

is your No.1 choice for automatically creating different mailing lists straight away from your stored contact database, sending personalized bulk emails, newsletters to your customers in the database, track responses. No database duplication, no confusion, everything is compact. Excellent direct marketing tool for small and medium busineses. learn more
Online web forms generator


Webform Wizard

helps you create forms for your website, so that your contacts/visitors/leads can submit their data directly to your database : Name, Address, City, Country, Telephone, Fax, E-mail etc. No knowledge of programming is required to create professional online contact forms with captcha. Less typing - less errors, more free time. learn more
Mailing Address Label generator

Address Labels

Address Labels Generator

is excellent tool that pulls data from your clients/contacts list to create postal address labels you can print and use as stickers for envelopes. A gem, hard-to-find assistant when you need to send percels, letters, catalogs, brochures etc. to your contacts using the old, time-tested traditional snail mail. learn more

Online Office Suite. Best computer programe to manager contacts, tasks, address labels, mailing lists, to-do-list, assigments

Computer Programs for managing your tasks, contacts database, mailing list. All you need to know!

Getting all these tools from one complete software solution saves a lot of time researching, learning, and integrating different apps and software solutions. It also gives you more powerful reporting capabilities, because all the tools share common database - your database.

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The best contact management program for small and home business: contact list, contact categories, mailing list, return address labels, notes, auto-reminder

Many other features are not listed here - we recommend that you register a free demo account and give FadOffice applications a try!

Minimum requirements

You do not need to buy expensive hardware or go through tedious learning curve. FadOffice applications are fine-tuned, optimized and will performwell on all modern browsers. No additional drivers to install or upgrade.

Customizable Interface

Most of the features are customizable. 7 fanciful themes. You can perfectly adapt the software look and behavior to your taste, modify the notification system, theme, colors and style to match your individual preferences.

Free technical support

Frequent updates ensure you always have the most current release of FadOffice for your business. Detailed help documentation enables you to start using the package in less than 5 minutes after installation/registration.

FadOffice software packageSubscription

Purchase Licence

You need to purchase a licence in order to install FadOffice applications on your web server and run it as stand-alone suite for your organization/business. Licence is charged on per year/ per site basis, including top-priority technical support and product updates.

US $999.00 /1st year

US $299.00 /2nd year onwards


When you click the Buy Now button, you will be taken to our Secure Payment Gateway to finalize your order. FastSpring will handle all the billing and payment processing.

Have anyquestions?

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You will find this section useful only if you have chosen the option of installing FadOffice suite on on your web server and running it as stand-alone suite for your organization/business. Even then, before you decide on purchasing a license, we strongly recommend that you first try it free in order to be certain it meets your needs and expectations.

  • FadOffice applications are developed as PHP software using MySQL database
  • After purchase, you will receive the license to install the software on one web server
  • One license is valid for installation/use on one server/website
  • Installation on your web server includes extractiing the installation package, uploading files to your web-hosting server and running the installation wizard.
  • All purchases carry free technical support including free software updates and fixes
  • If you can not or do not want to install the software yourself, then you can order our installation service. We will install the software for you within 48 hours
  • Your web hosting server must support
    - PHP 5.0.5 or higher
    - MySQL 4.1 or higher, 5.x
    - Ioncube loader has to be enabled by your hosting company to install this product
  • Required PHP extensions:
    - mbstring, iconv for proper utf-8 encoding handling
    - ZLib is required for installation and automated updates (archive functions)
    - dom (doxml), simplexml — for parsing XML files
    - GD for image resizing
  • To work with FadOffice scripts after installtion, only a web browser is required. No additional software is needed
  • You must have full administrative access rights to the software (files) installed on your server
If you do not have web-hosting server yet, then we will recommend you register with Hostgator-Hosting, because of its ease, affordability and high reliablity. In addition, we are very familiar with their user interface and all the add-ons they have. This will anable us to help you beyond normal installation service and offer free practical advice on hosting-related matters should the need arise in future.


  • Our Online ordering process is 100% secure and safe. All data exchange during payment process goes through Secure Socket Layer(SSL) encryption. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption is used for every transaction in order to ensure that your online order and payment information is secure.
  • Software License activation/Registration takes less than 5 minutes after payment.
  • You can pay with Major Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, Eurocard, Diner's Club. Debit cards: Maestro/Solo (UK), Online wire transfers, Giropay (Germany), iDEAL (Netherlands), IPS (China), Wire (bank)transfers, PayPal, WebMoney, Checks, Money orders, Cash, Purchase orders, Direct debit, Invoice
    Payment options

Phone, Fax, Postal or EmailOrder

Once again, we would like to re-assure you that the online ordering process is 100% secure. Orders placed online are processed more quickly than those submitted by fax or email. However, if you encounter any problem ordering online or you simply prefer to place your order by fax, e-mail, or phone, please use the information below.

  • Exact name of the software ( by Josytal) and, if known, the product ID
  • The quantity you wish to order
  • The name the person the product license will be issued to
  • Your billing address and your delivery address
  • Your phone number
  • Your fax number, if available
  • The e-mail address to which the order confirmation and invoice should be sent, and your e-mail delivery address, if different
  • Your selected payment option and currency
Get ready all the required information and contact our payment processor: FastSpring
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email: info@fastspring.com

If you encounter problems during the ordering/payment process, please contact our payment processor: FastSpring
Corporate Headquarters (USA) European Office Asian Office
11 W. Victoria Street
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tel.: 1-877-327-8914 toll-free US and Canada
tel.: 1-805-409-9008 worldwide
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email: info@fastspring.com; info@saasy.com

You can also contact us directly for both technical support and payment problems
For enquiries relating to software purchase and/or technical assistance: support[at]josytal.com
For enquiries relating to website promotion services payment and/or technical assistance: support[at]directorygist.com
General Feedback Form: http://josytal.com/support.html

Bottoms Lines
  • All quoted prices are gross and final, including all taxes. No hidden costs, no handling charges, no extra additions mid-way or at checkout. We strictly adhere to what-you-see-is-what-you-pay policy.
  • On the order processing form, you may select and display currencies in your country's local equivalent and/or select your local language. But do not confuse billing currencies with display currencies. In order to avoid currency conversion charges(commissions, fees), it is recommended that you select the billing currency that matches your Credit Card or other payment facility
  • Our payment processors operate worldwide and will handle VAT matters for corporate clients
  • If you have purchased our software and you need technical assistance or help, then submit a ticket for technical support request Your problems will be solved within 48 hours
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