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FadOffice Mailer

complete web-based email marketing, newsletter system for small and medium businesses.

  • Send personalized mails to your contacts/customers with built in bulk mailer
  • Create email templates for different occasions
  • Extract contacts/mailing list from your existing database on the system
  • Use it for marketing, newsletters, announcements etc.
  • Send bulk emails immediately or schdeule it for later date/time and go about your other business.
  • Report always available detailing the sent messages and recipients
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Online Mailer is mass emailing system, an application that provides you the the ability to send bulk emails, or emails which are sent to many recipients at once from your database on the system. With this application (which can cost hundreds of dollars if purchased separately elsewhere), you have our industry standard facility to easily extract from your existing contact database on the system, quickly select newsletter templates and send personalized emails to hundreds or thousands of your contacts with just a few clicks. Mailer is the 6th component of FadOffice - software package for business

Mailer helps you to effectively target recipients of your mail

Unlike common mailing software (which can cost hundreds of dollars if purchased separately), you do not need to create any special mailing list or groups, nor create duplicate database and confusion each time you send mails. You simply make a clone from your existing contact/company database on the system, additionally filter the list if necessary.

You can set extensive filter to select contacts (recipients) using more than 20 criteria, inluding age, gender, city, country, categories(groups), companies they work at etc.

Contacts database clone for sending bulk emails
Mailing list opt-in marker from contact database

HowIt Works

Creating and Sending emails is very simple, especially so if you follow the steps described below. The section has been divided into 5 functional tabs, namely:

Contacts / Mailing List

If you have interacted with other areas of the system, then you should not encounter any problem with using Contacts / Mailing List section. The major differences being that records have been automatically cloned to form a mailing list. Only contacts/records having emails and marked to receive News Letter are included.
You can still browse, search (filter), export to file the cloned list if necessary.
Limitations: you can not add or delete records here. Further, only two fields are editable - Email and News Letter.


Perhaps, the most vital aspect of email marketing campaign. The template facility allows you to compile your message as simple Plain Text or craft neat and stylish RichText Format, HTML layout messages to boost the effect of delivery and response rate.
Mailer tab - template. Navigation panel buttons
From the navigation panel, click on the "+" button to invoke the form for creating a new template ("pencil" button, if you are editing). In the resulting form:

  • Template Name - give a name to the template. For example, January Newsletter
  • Short Description - enter some reasonable texts to describe the content of the template message. New product launch annoucement, for example.
  • Subject - this is the subject header, the first message to be seen by recipient, so make it catchy!
  • Plain Text - message body in simple text format. No styling or coding acceptable here.
  • Html File Link - you can use the content of an external file to serve as the message body. In such a case, enter the web (link) address where the file is hosted
  • Personalize - select Yes if you want to send personalized email messages to your recipients.
  • Body Content Type - very vital option that determines how your message template compilation will be handled in the next two tabs.
When done, click Submit to save the new message template.
Mailer tab - template. Forms to create new email messagetemplate
We are now back to the table and navigation panel.
Mailer tab - template. WYSIWYG - What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get text editor



Personalization is the process of inserting information specific to individual recipients in your message to them. For example "Dear [[FirstName]], Happy New Year! .... follow this link [[Website URL]] to unsubscribe from our mailing list".

When sending the message [[FirstName]] and [[Website URL]] will be automatically replaced with actual values, extracted from your contacts database, for each recipient. Note that you can insert one or more fields taken from your recipients' database into your message template.

Follow the steps below to insert personalization field(s) into your email template.
  • Select the spot where you want to insert the field
  • From the drop down select box above the text editor, select the the field you want to insert
  • Click the Insert button.
  • To insert more fields, repeat the proccess
  • You may click the text editor's Preview button Mailer tab - template. Preview template message text to see how the final text will look
  • Click Update to save changes
  • Click Next >> to proceed to the next tab (Preview/Test)
Mailer tab - template. How to Personalize your email message



The Preview/Test combines and displays all information you need to start blasting emails to your recipients. Server connection parameters, including sender's name and email, are extracted from your configuration data.

You have the opportunity to review everything once more and be certain you want to go ahead. You have 5 choices:


Initially you will find only two buttons - Start and Stop.
Bulk Mailer Sending tab initial stage Batch Mailer Sending emails to multiple recipients
After completion, the progress bar will freeze for a moment and then disappear.

Reports are logged into database and available in the Mailing History section.

Mailer history and Send log

Each time you invoke bulk mailing process, report will be available detailing the sent messages and recipients, date and time of the event. Mailing History report also reflects the message template and character encoding used for the particular mailing session, sender email, total nnuber of intended recipients and factual number sent. Error messages, if any, are also are also recorded.

This is the standard norm for any mailing program.
Mailing History, apart from reporting successful email deliveries, can also be used to diagnose problems and glitches relating to server connection, errors in mail delivery etc.

This is more so when you have very low success rate of delivery (less than 75%). For proper diagnose, you can export the Mailing History report to a file and send it to your ISP. You may also want to fine-tune the Mailer parameters or exclude certain recipients from your next mailing list.
Mailing History report inherit most of the functionalities as other sections. You can browse, search/filter, delete or/and export records to file. However, you CAN NOT add or edit records - reports are generated by the system.

Also note that reports are displayed using Master-Detail relationship. Master records are displayed in the topmost table, details - below. When you select a record from the Master table, corresponding detail records will be displayed in the detail table(s). For example, error logs and message template used for a particular mailing session. Each record in the Mailing History table (master records) represent one mailing session, which may span from several seconds to hours. Mailing History table (master records) holds information including start and end date-time, number of scheduled mails, factually sent number and also the Success Rate. Other useful information may also be included. You can browse, sort, filter, delete the records or export them to file.

Among the vital data that comes with almost every mailing session is the error log. It is displayed as details of Mailing History. Server connection error, waiting timeout, date-time when the error occured, email and ID of the recipient are reflected in the Detailed Log. You can click on the ID to view full information about the recipient.

Another detail block is the message Template Used for the mailing session.

Other detail blocks may come with time - as we improve useablity. Newsletter, email message bulk mailing report Batch Mailing detailed Error Report, message template

The bottom line

FadOffice built-in mailing system is all-inclusive. To use the facility you need 4 things:

You do not need any special knowledge or additional software to blast your messages to your recipients. There is wizard system to take you through the process. Simply click the    buttons below each tab.

You can alway give it a trial. It's free!
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