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Software. Web-based Address Labels Generator

Address Labels (Personal) - personalized, with Contact name (if available) and Company name. Address is Company Mailing address

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FadOffice Address Labels Generator

Compiling address labels from clients/contacts/company list used to be a time-consuming and exhausting affair. Now you have a solution - Address Labels Generator. Here is exactly what our Address Labels Generator does:
  • Pulls data directly from your contacts/companies database
  • If necessary, personalizes the information
  • Processes the list as postal address labels in a fanciful manner
  • Prepares the labels to be exported and printed as stickers for envelopes
  • Saves the labels back to your database for re-use in future
Now you can send letters, catalogs, brochures to your contacts using the old, time-tested traditional way. Free Live demo

Address Labels Generator is excellent tool that pulls data from your clients/contacts list to create postal address labels you can print and use as stickers for envelopes. A gem, hard-to-find assistant when you need to send percels, letters, catalogs, brochures etc. to your contacts using the old, time-tested traditional snail mail.

Generate address labels from business contact database

When to useAddress Labels

You are ready to send out a bunch of letters, mailers, or invitations and you don't want to waiste your time (and energy) writing out the return address on each and every one of the envelopes - manually, giving yourself hand cramps. FadOffice Address Labels Generator to the rescue!!!

Address Labels (Personal) should be your option if you want to have Address Labels with the recipient (contact) name, the company name and company address in a block, i.e. The Address Labels is personalized with Company name and address.

As usual, apart from browsing the records, you can filter(search) using the search form, carry out complex search with multiple combinations of criteria, sort the addresses in alpha-numerical order, view them in separate forms. You can export(save) the labels as Excel, PDF files to your system. However, unlike other sections, you can NOT add, edit or delete records - since the records are replicated from the COMPANIES section, where you should do all data management.

Address Labels under the COMPANIES block
Address Labels (Personal)
   Address Labels (General)


What data is included inAddress Labels

Address Labels present data in an easy way to export the data in form of labels with recipients' postal addreses - contacts, organizations or both. Address Labels are generated from COMPANIES data sources
Contact Name, Company Name, Postal Code (ZIP), Region, City, Street, House No., Address, Country are processed not as columns, but as lines to form a single block called address label. Thus,

Line 1: Contact Name (if available)
Line 2: Company Name
Line 3: Street, House No.
Line 4: City
Line 5: Region (district)
Line 6: Postal Code (ZIP)
Line 7: Country

Address Labels uses advanced mail-merge functions of FadOffice.

How to useAddress Labels

Address Labels data can be saved to file, printed and used as stickers for envelopes or/and other traditional mailing materials. This may be useful when you want to send business offers, product catalogs etc. to the postal addresses of selected records. Address Labels can be personal or business.
When (if) you don't have contacts in the company or don't want to include Contact name, then Address Labels (General) should be your preference.

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