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Software. Web-based Business Contact Manager

Business contacts database manager

Online Contact Manager for personal and business

Business Contacts Directory

that does it all.

Track and manage your personal and/or business contacts: Keep good relationship with business partners, get closer to success!

Unlimited contact categories: Create customaizable categories (groups) under which you can store different contact data for easy classification. Know who-is-who at a glance.

Multi-User Enabled: Share a common database among your team members. No data duplication and confusion.

Equipped with WebForms: Enable your website visitors to submit their contact info directly to your database. Less work for you, more time for your business.

Online : Accessible to you and your team from anywhere, anytime. Always! Buy Now Free Live demo

COMPANIES are also contacts, but business entities, hence they may demand different requirements for data management. For example, it is common to have many contacts working in one company, whereas you seldom have one contact working in multiple companies.
Nevertheless, you still need to connect and stay in touch with Companies in your database, track and manage data, but with a higher level of flexibility.

COMPANIES section contains records or information about organizations you have added to your database. Main company records are displayed in the topmost table, with detailed (attached, linked, miscellaneous, custom fields) information shown in other tables below the main table in a Master-Detail relationship.


Companies may be associated with individual contact(s) or be without any such association. In your record entries for companies: As usual, apart from browsing the records, you can filter(search) records by columns or, using the search form, carry out complex search with multiple combinations of criteria, sort records by columns, view records in separate forms. You can re-arrange the columns to suit your preferences and also export(save) the records into files on your system. Excel, PDF, CVS file formats are supported.
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Advanced search mechanism for data retrieval

Simple Toolbar Filtering with search word auto-complte enables you to filter recods using on any column of the listview

Complex Filtering on multiple columns (fields) using various search criteria.

Built-in Mailer at no extra cost

Built-in Mailer is another tool you can use to send Newsletters to contacts in your database or/and launch your E-Marketing compaign without additonal cost

Subscribers' list management is also supported

Interface with customizable options

Most of the features are customizable. 7 fanciful themes. You can perfectly adapt the software look and behavior to your taste, modify the notification system, theme, colors and style to match your individual preferences.

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