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About Josytal IT

Josytal IT is a service-based leader in business information management. We focus on assisting Small and Middle Enterprises (SME) enhance productivity by providing them access to modern-day Information Technology.
Since founded in 2004, Josytal IT has been developing Information management systems and IT services used today by over 2000 companies and individuals across four continents.
Our Out-of-the-box (OOTB) and proprietary solutions can be purchased on most popular IT platforms including CNET Download.com, Softpedia, Tucows etc.
Our custom solutions are offered on case-by-case basis and geared towards preparing and strengthening SME cyber infrastructure as necessary investment to grow in a digital economy by maximizing potentials through digital technology.
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IntroducingXRipe Website Builder

In further pusuance of our digital empowerment mantra for SME, we have have recently launched XRipe Website Builder. With XRipe you can now build your dream website fast and easy, without programming knowledge or coding experience.

Why it is important

In this cyber age, having a digital web presence on the internet is an axiom. There are many reasons why business needs a representative website: to inform potential customers about products and services, to represent the company, to enable contact with different departments, or to distribute goods online etc.
On the flip side, cost of building and maitaining a professional website has proved to be an uphill task for most SME. XRipe to the rescue!
Be it for personal or business needs, portfolio or landing page, to create a professional-looking website you no longer have to be an expert in web programming, scripting language, a designer or online security guru. You do need to pay an arm and a leg, either.

How you can benefit

XRipe Visual Website Builder has simplified the whole process of building and launching your website into six simple steps: select a pre-designed template, upload images, videos, copy-paste or write your business unique selling point, connect your domain and within hours (not days), your site is already online.
Our web hosting platform handles all technicalities, while you can promote your new site to millions of potential customers by taking the advantage of our online advertising network. All from a single dashboard. So, this is another meaningful opportunity you can not afford to miss!

Start Building Your Site Now!

Some OtherTrending Projects
Software for Small Bussiness: PIM, Labelling software, desktop, web-based

Applications Software

It all began with developing simple and effective Applications Software for storing and manipulating myriad of business information on PC. From simple PIM to complex Labelling Software, our programs are fine-tuned, optimized and packaged to perform excellently on most computers. Stand-alone, Multi-user or Web-based? We have them all.

Eximstat Import-Export Opportunities World-wide.

Global Trade Big Data

Recently, we have extended our IT expertise to International Trade Big Data . Daily, real-time, we syncronize voluminous information from different sources to help importers (exporters) retrieve, analyse and use statistical data online to make guided decision in their global transactions. There is also a separate Marketplace, where you can list your company/products/services for additional exposure.

Advertising for Small Business. PPC Ads, Keyword Ads from $0.01

Online Advertising

Another area of our specialization is Online Advertising . Our secure, dedicated Ad Servers are powered to serve over 1 million ad units per month across thousands of publishers' websites in order to help advertisers of all sizes expand their reach, find new customers, and diversify their revenue streams.

Premium domains Marketplace. Buy, Sell Domains

Premium Domains Marketplace

The web is the busiest place we know today. Competition to catch users' attention is cut-throath. One of the key weapons at your disposal for acquiring and retaining visitors' attention is the name of your website - i.e. domain name. Simple as it may sound, Premium Domain Names have become a necessity for effective business and marketing strategies. We can help in this area, too.


John L. Haubrich

Again, thanks for your response and excellent customer service. You have helped solve my problems that now allow me to make use of this program in the manner I had envisioned. Regards,
John L. Haubrich, Anabolic/Tru-Care,
Moulton Drive Oklahoma City, US.

European Business and Technology Center
Abraham T. THOMAS

Thanks a lot for the support. Finally Iím in!
Many Thanks,
Abraham T. THOMAS,
IT Graphics Executive,
European Business and Technology Center

RhineStones Store
Lizzie Carr

Its just what I need ...
Lizzie Carr -
owner, RhineStones Store, UK.

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